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Wellness Seminar Series
People must understand or they will not do


A Wellness Seminar Series
with Practicable & Usable Information

Seminar 1: “YOUR BODY – Your Survival Suit”
Basic body wellness processes
Lifestyle factors and wellness
Demystifying the New Food Guide Pyramid

Seminar 2: “YOUR BODY – Increasing Its Energy”
Body Processes for Producing Energy
Increasing energy production
Eliminating experiences of low energy

Seminar 3: “YOUR BODY – Its Team to Maintain Wellness”

The Immune system
Detoxification system
Regulatory system

Seminar 4: “YOUR BODY – Little Known Foods That Reduce Common Symptoms

Vitamins – The “Stars” of Body Chemistry
Minerals – Their supporting roles in wellness
Essential Fatty Acids – The “Good” Fats

Seminar 5: “YOUR BODY - Reducing The Greatest Risk Factor To Its Wellness

The Reality of American’s Body Weight and Their Quality of Life
How Excess Weight Threatens Wellness
Why Diet Programs of the Past Have Not Worked
How to Effectively and Safely Reduce Weight Without Regaining It

Seminar 6: “YOUR BODY – Reducing The #1 Threat to Its Wellness

The Aggressors: Bacteria, Viruses, & Cancer
The War Within Your Body
Your Body’s Defense System
Optimizing Your Defense System

Seminar 7: “YOUR BODY – Reducing The #2 Threat to Its Wellness

The most common cause of premature death: Cardio/cerebral disease
Factors that increase risk of Cardio/cerebral disease
Factors that decrease risk of Cardio/cerebral disease

Seminar 8: “YOUR BODY – Reducing The #3 Threat to Its Wellness

The second most common cause of premature death: Cancer
Factors that increase your risk of Cancer
Your defense against Cancer
Increasing your defense against Cancer

Seminar 9: "YOUR BODY - Reducing All 3 Major Threats at Once"

The effect of sleep on reducing risk of all 3 major wellness threats
The effect of exercise on reducing risk of all 3 major wellness threats
The effect of nutrition on reducing risk of all 3 major wellness threats

Seminar 10: "YOUR BODY - How It Can Have Optimal Health & Energy"

Why eating to the Food Guide Pyramid or Daily Value is not enough
The necessity of food supplementation
How to choose an effective food supplement

Audience Evaluations of Wellness Seminar

Averaged over the Wellness Seminar sessions, the attendees at Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce (venue 1), Albuquerque Publishing Company (venue 2), Exhib-It! (venue 3), La Vida Llena (venue 4), Public Service company of New Mexico (venue 5) and public presentation (venue 6) have evaluated the sessions as follows:

Quality of information provided:

  Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor
Venue 1 85% 15% 0% 0% 0%
Venue 2 62% 30% 8% 0% 0%
Venue 3 86% 14% 0% 0% 0%
Venue 4 69% 26% 5% 0% 0%
Venue 5 57% 43% 0% 0% 0%
Venue 6 93% 7% 0% 0% 0%


Quantity of information provided:

  Very Large Large Average Small Very Small
Venue 1 48% 34% 18% 0% 0%
Venue 2 36% 42% 22% 0% 0%
Venue 3 46% 54% 0% 0% 0%
Venue 4 51% 38% 10% 1% 0%
Venue 5 0% 86% 14% 0% 0%
Venue 6 73% 27% 0% 0% 0%


Value of information to you:

  Very High High Average Low Very Low
Venue 1 72% 25% 3% 0% 0%
Venue 2 47% 44% 8% 0% 1%
Venue 3 69% 30% 1% 0% 0%
Venue 4 57% 32% 9% 2% 0%
Venue 5 29% 43% 28% 0% 0%
Venue 6 93% 7% 0% 0% 0%


From the 100’s and 100’s of people that have attended the Wellness Seminars, here is a random sample of just a few of their written comments:

“Excellent – Knowledge is impressive & ability to share in terms I understand”

“Excellent – James is very knowledgeable – good delivery”

“Extremely informative”

“Thanks for helping me manage my health”

“Wonderfully done”

“Excellent series of seminars”

“Excited about learning more about my body and how I can take charge of my well being.”

“Worthwhile and presently presented”

“Helpful and informative – taught at a very approachable level”

“Enjoyed your classes”

“Again, thanks so much for your concern”

“Gave information in an easy to understand form”

“Looking forward to receiving the more detailed info”

“Underline the importance of educating yourself

“Great analogies”

“Good mix of information for heart health”

“Well presented and enjoyable”

“Good info on diabetes”

“Good to tie info into daily life”

“I am so appreciative to have a professional to help us understand what “wellness” is. That is good information for our health”


The Necessity of Spaced Repetition
to Create New Behaviors

To increase an employee’s wellness will require the establishment of more healthy behaviors to replace old behaviors that have reduced wellness. As can be seen from the “Learning and Behavior Change Curve” chart below (click here for larger image), information retention after single presentation (the solid line Behavlrn.jpgcurve) declines rapidly after just a few weeks. Without the retention of information there is neither reason nor motivation to change behavior.

The dashed line curve on the chart shows how information retention increases with spaced repetition of information at one-week intervals over a period of nine weeks. It is this increasing retention that sustains the motivation and reason for behavior change (the dotted line curve).

In the Wellness Program, the 10 sessions spaced one week apart create the necessary reinforcement of the information necessary to get significant creation of healthier behaviors regarding sleep, exercise and nutrition. The individual coaching sessions continue that reinforcement and strengthen the new behaviors, while minimizing the reversion to the old, less healthy behaviors.

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