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For worksite and personal wellness

Wellness Resources

We have provided a selection of current information on all aspects wellness, health and other issues concerning one's well being.  This information is updated frequently so check back often.

Worksite Wellness


·         Proof Positive - Wellness Programs Payoff (pdf)

·         The Cost of Wellness - Its High Return on Investment (pdf)

·         Case Study - Wellness Program Reduced Firm's Health Insurance Costs by 21% (pdf)

·         Health Promotion and the Future - Corporate Health Improvement Program (pdf)

·         Power of Prevention (pdf)

·         Path to Productivity (pdf)

·         Participation Builders to Increase ROI (pdf)

·         American Journal of Health Promotion

·         American Journal of Health Promotion: DataBase

·         Wellness Councils of America, the premier resource for worksite wellness

·         Bipolar Disorder Exacts Twice Depression’s Toll in Workplace


Wellness Improvement


Weight Management



·        One-Third of Adults with Diabetes Still Don’t Know They Have It

·        Nutrition Requirements and Diabetes

·        The Glycemic Index

·         Lifestyle Changes Can Help Older Hispanics Manage Diabetes

·         Tight Glucose Control Cuts Heart Disease by Half in Type 1 Diabetes

·         Lifestyle Changes Especially Effective at Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Adults Aged 60 and Older


Cardio-vascular/cerebral Wellness

·        Nutrition Requirements and Cardiovascular disease

·        Making Multiple Lifestyle Changes is Beneficial, Achievable in Lowering High Blood Pressure

·        Older Hispanics Can Prevent High Blood Pressure



·         Nutrition Requirements and Cancer


Healthier Lifestyle

·         Bacteria in Household Dust May Trigger Asthma Symptoms

·         Researchers Shed Light on Anxiety and Alcohol Intake

·         Study Links Diet Quality with Alcohol Drinking Patterns

·         Health Behaviors of Adults: United States, 2002-04

·         Trends in Health of Americans (in PowerPoint®)


Food & Drug Administration Recalls & Alerts


Diseases and Drugs

·         University of Maryland Medical Center: Health Guides

·         University of Maryland Medical Center: Drug Checker

·         University of Maryland Medical Center: Medical Reference

·         University of Maryland Medical Center: Medical Encyclopedia Index

·         Medical Information produced by doctors

·         Medical Information Library

·         Searchable Database on Pharmaceutical Drugs

           Drug details by drug name

·         Identify Unknown Prescription Drug

·         Drug Alert




National Institute of Health

Latest News

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NIH - Radio