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Add More Life to Your Years & Years to Life

(On this page you will find an offer for a free personal wellness consultation by phone, a $75 value)

Enjoy life to its fullest!You can increase your energy, elevate your mood, reduce your experiences of illness; reduce risks of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other major diseases; decrease your medical bills and ultimately increase your enjoyment of daily life by knowing how your body generates wellness and then applying that knowledge.

Wellness Improvement Experts, an innovative wellness company, specializes in creating optimal wellness of individuals using the same natural and scientifically proven methods and processes developed for successful corporate wellness programs. These methods and processes are proven to be so effective that they are money-back guaranteed to improve wellness when individuals consistently implement the coaching instructions of our Associates.

Our Associates are highly trained and qualified to provide basic education to individuals; just as with employees in corporations; in how the human body works to produce and increase wellness, how to strengthen the immune system to reduce the risk of bacterial and viral infection while simultaneously reducing the risks of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. One of the several ways this education is provided is through the Wellness Seminar series.

Following the Wellness Seminars our Associates provide each individual with the Wellness Profile to identify the most significant opportunities for improving wellness. Once the individual selects the opportunities they want to pursue for improving their wellness, our Associates identify the resources and services to achieve the desired increase in wellness. Beneficial healthier behaviors are achieved through frequent follow-up and coaching of the individual by our Associates.


Most people do not realize that their body is the survival suit for their mind, like an astronaut’s spacesuit protects against the hostile environment of the moon’s surface. Also, most people do not realize that their “survival suit” is actually a self-protecting mobile chemical factory. When you understand how your “survival suit” generates wellness you are empowered to take charge of your wellness and reduce the need for doctors and hospitals and the associated expenses.

Most people do not know that every cell in their survival suit has a limited lifespan and must be replaced:

  • Red blood cells – 90-day life span

  • Intestinal lining cells – 3 day life span

  • Lung cells – 14 day life span

  • Bone cells – 7 year life span

  • Skin cells – survive for about 28 days

Similarly, most people do not know where the new cells come from or what they are made from. If you did not replace blood cells every 90 days, what would happen to you? What if you replace only 90% of the blood cells every 90 days? How long would your survival suit continue to function?

Again, most people do not know their survival suit performs its chemistry on a priority basis:

  1. Response to stress or perceived threat has first priority use of daily nutrients

  2. Energy production gets to use any nutrients left over after response to stress

  3. The immune system gets the use of nutrients left over from stress and energy production

  4. Cell regeneration gets to use whatever is left after the above and

  5. Finally the reproductive system gets whatever is left.

The above is why people who are under persistent stress and have a high glycemic diet of soft drinks, candy, chips and similar low nutrient foods have weakened immune systems.

Likewise, most people do not understand the same nutrients/biochemicals are needed for all of the above and they must all be present in the blood stream and delivered to all body cells every moment. Consistent aerobic exercise increases this delivery and consequently the wellness of your survival suit. Every case of reduced wellness; whether due to disease, infection or other situations; is the result of body biochemistry that is inadequate to maintain/restore wellness.

When the body is resting and not dealing with stress or producing additional energy is the time most immune building and cell regeneration occurs, because that is when the necessary nutrients are most available. That is why doctors recommend bed rest when a person is sick. Exercise and sleep cannot provide the body with the biochemicals/nutrients necessary to achieve wellness nor can either be effective without all of the nutrients needed to accomplish the chemistry both enable. Only nutrients obtained from food will give the body’s biochemistry the building blocks needed to overcome those deficiencies and increase wellness.


In the meantime, you can begin to improve your own wellness. Take advantage of our offer of a free Wellness Consultation. Click on this link: Wellness Profile (If you get an error message, your firewall is blocking the download, you will need to temporarily turn off your firewall) to complete the intake form for your consultation. By applying the information the Wellness Profile and consultation will provide; you will increase your energy, elevate your mood, reduce your experiences of illness, decrease your medical bills and ultimately increase your enjoyment of daily life. Additionally, the value to your family of your increased wellness is beyond calculation. A similar assessment and consultation by a physician would cost you a minimum of $50 to $75.

Additional Wellness Resources

As a courtesy, you will find additional Wellness Resources on this website that will give you important information about different health conditions, drug-nutrient interactions, food supplements and some of the latest medical information on health topics that can assist you and those close to you to have better wellness.