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About Us
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About Wellness Improvement Experts

Our Core Values that guide our every business choice, decision and actions are:

  • WELLNESS that increases the quality and value of peoples’ lives,
  • EDUCATION based on solid scientific/medical facts,
  • INTEGRITY in all business and personal relationships, and
  • VALUE that greatly exceeds our clients’ investment in our services.

Our Vision: A world of vibrantly healthy people living daily at their fullest potential.

Our Mission: To lower health related costs for small to medium companies by educating and coaching employees to best possible health and wellness through improved life/health choices regarding exercise, sleep and optimal nutrition/supplementation.

Our Battle Cry: Making life better for every life we touch.

Our History: Wellness Improvement Experts is a division of Performance Unlimited, founded in 1983, and utilizes the the training expertise and extensive wellness research accumulated since that time.

Jim Campbell is the designer and chief facilitator of the Wellness Training Program. The Wellness Seminar portion of the program employs a systems approach to wellness and communicates effectively to diverse audiences through the use of analogies, similes and metaphors that people already understand. These presentations include elements that result in attendees developing the understanding of, reasons for and self-motivation to implement behavior changes that improve wellness.

With self-motivation developed, a statistically validated Wellness Profile identifies the specific imbalances in body chemistry that are diminishing the individual's wellness and produces specific recommendations for re-balancing that chemistry. The profile is administered during the initial motivational interview phase of the personal coaching process. This coaching process is modeled on the same methodology used successfully for many years by Mr. Campbell to empower individuals to make other positive changes in their life.

Jim Campbell is President of Wellness Improvement Experts and is a Certified Wellness Motivational Coach and Human Behavior Consultant.  His firm specializes in the achievement of peak personal and corporate wellness.  He has also been extensively trained regarding wellness by Dr. Bruce Miller, DDS. author and lecturer on nutrition; Dr. Steve Chaney, PhD., Professor of Biochemistry and Nutrition for medical students, University of North Carolina Medical School; Dr. James Scala, author of many best selling books on nutrition; and many other wellness experts. Jim has been thoroughly trained in the application of the Wellness Profile authored by Dr. Lee Coyne and the Wellness Personality Profile authored by Dr. Mels Carbonell. A public speaker since 1972, Jim has presented to hundreds of audiences. Mr. Campbell, author of the Wellness Seminar, has presented the seminar to numerous corporate and non-corporate organizations. His wellness seminars have been well received because of their understandability, practicality and value. The uniqueness of Mr. Campbell’s wellness seminars is his systems approach to understanding wellness. As a means of assisting individuals to achieve peak performance, Jim has been coaching people about how to maximize their wellness for over 20 years. Jim’s excellent coaching skills are the result of extensive study of outstanding coaches techniques and processes and emulating those with his clients. Mr. Campbell has been recognized as a Star Achiever for each of the last two years by Wellness Improvement Expert's business partner. Business associates and clients hold Jim in very high regard because of his ethical standards and personal integrity.

In his previous career, Mr. Campbell was a systems design engineer
 working on national defense projects classified well above Top Secret at Sandia National Laboratories from 1964 to 1985. Jim has been member of the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations Committee on Disarmament and a consultant to: U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, U.S. Department of Energy, Atomic Energy Control Board of Canada, International Atomic Energy Agency of the United Nations, European governments, and U.S. corporations and institutions.

Mr. Campbell's exceptional facilitation skills are the result of being certified, since1985, as a facilitator for personal development programs focused on increasing personal productivity, goal achievement, and communication effectiveness based on the "Psychocybernetic" principles of Dr. Maxwell Maltz, and Jim's certification in 1988 in transpersonal education programs by the SUNDOOR Foundation. In addition, he brings 26 years experience in science, a Bachelor's Degree from New Mexico State University and a Master's of Science from the University of New Mexico and six years of study with the founder of "Psychology For Well People." That organization successfully created Olympic gold medal winners, Super Bowl champions, astronauts, and highly successful business and public executives. And it is this wide-ranging background that creates Mr. Campbell's unique approach to peak individual and team performance and his ability to clearly convey complex concepts to audiences with very diverse backgrounds.

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